Titanium Backup 12/9 Update★ root ♥ Now it work with Dropbox and Google Drive. V 5.1

Titanium Backup –>OFFICIAL SITE<–

Today i’m here to show you the most Useful app you can download by Market. It allow you to make a backup of your apps ( data + apk ). Use it after before fleshing a new rom

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Titanium Backup (Play Store):

12/09/2012 UPDATE :

• Added “Clear cache” action to the special features screen.
• Added support for “wallpaper”, “accounts”, “app widgets” items on Jelly Bean.
• Fixed failure when backing up SMS/MMS to XML on LG P970 (ROM bug).
• Fixed some batch actions that included unnecessary elements. For example “Clear cache” included Wallpaper, which had no effect but was confusing.
• Fixed glitch where progress notifications jumped up & down during batch jobs if another app also had ongoing notifs.
• Updated translations.

Features of the Free version:

  • No ads, no time limit
  • Very fast app listing (~1 second for 300 apps)
  • Sort apps by name / last backup / backup frequency
  • Filter apps by name / type / status / Apps Organizer labels (also affects Batch operations)
  • Backup/restore regular apps + their settings
  • Backup/restore protected apps + their settings
  • Backup/restore system apps + their settings (incl. Wi-Fi AP list)
  • Backup/restore external app data
  • Restores the Market links when restoring apps
  • Zero-click background batch backup
  • Interactive batch restore
  • Many batch scenarios (eg: if more than N days since last backup, etc)
  • Zero-click app un-installer
  • Zero-click system app un-installer
  • Move app to/from SD card
  • Move app data to/from SD card (needs ext2/3/4 partition)
  • Batch action widgets
  • Quick reboot widgets
  • A single weekly or biweekly scheduled backup
  • User-defined apps lists with filtering, coloring and scheduling support
  • Built-in Android Market information viewer (Android 2.0+)
  • Ability to remove orphan app data

 Additional features of the PRO/Donate version:

  • Multiple backups per app (history length can be chosen)
  • Zero-click background batch restore
  • Encryption of your backups (asymmetric crypto: the passphrase is needed on restore only)
  • Multi-user support for some apps (eg: games) with quick-switching widgets!
  • Batch verification of your backups
  • Dalvik cache cleaner can free up precious internal memory
  • App freezer can disable an app (and make it invisible) without un-installing it
  • Convert users apps <=> system apps
  • Integrate system app updates directly into your ROM to free up even more internal memory
  • Integrate Dalvik cache system elements into ROM, which can free up internal memory as well
  • Migrate some system data (eg: SMS/MMS) across incompatible ROMs
  • Ultra fast HyperShell (much faster for almost everything)
  • Batch app freezing/defrosting
  • Advanced app control (pause/resume apps during backup, instead of stopping them)
  • Restore individual apps+data directly from ClockworkMod backups. Supports CWM5+ and most CWM4 backups
  • Restore individual apps+data directly from TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) backups. Supports TWRP 2.0+
  • Full support for paid apps that must normally be installed through the Market!
  • Market “auto updating” manager, to easily verify, enable or disable auto updates on several apps at once!
  • Unlimited, independent scheduled backups (each of which can run 1 to 7 times a week)
  • Market Doctor can retrieve or re-create any broken Market links (for your updates to appear in Market again)
  • “Destroy all Market links” feature
  • Synchronize all (or some of) your backups to Dropbox, Box and Google Drive (manual or scheduled)
  • Retrieve all your backups from Dropbox, Box and Google Drive (in case of lost phone or SD card failure)
  • Load/Save a Filter (from the Filters screen) and use it in Widgets/Schedules
  • Protect backup against deletion
  • Send backup by e-mail
  • Backup→Verify→Un-install an app in one shot
  • Freeze/defrost/launch apps in a single click (with optional password protection!)
  • CSV data export from any app’s DB, to e-mail or Google Docs
  • Convert app data to/from Gingerbread’s faster WAL DB format
  • Brand the app with your name
Available languages:
  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch (thanks RinTinTigger)
  • Norwegian (thanks Stian)
  • Chinese Simp. (thanks Rollin & Dave Wong)
  • Italian (thanks FabioS)
  • Russian (thanks Dima / Android For Me & Arkady Marchenko)
  • Danish (thanks Keld Daugaard)
  • Spanish (thanks Pedro Arizmendi)
  • And many more…



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