[ROM][UPDATE][2.3.5][JVT] Update from JVS to JVT .zip

The World famous Samsung’s developer Ficeto , has been released an update to convert the JVS Rome to latest JVT


” Hey all :) I have something cool here for the hardcore dudes that flash Base ROMs that we develop

If you don’t have DarkyOTA app, don’t be sad :) Here is the same ZIP that OTA Beta users get to be able to update from JVS Base to JVT Base.

A few things to note!!!
You HAVE to be on JVS Base!
You must not have any third party Themes installed!
This update will only install over whatever apps you have in system and the rest will be stored on the internal SD for access through DarkyROM Tool. So if you do not have swipe, wallpapers, samsung… installed at the moment, those will not get installed also (including apps that you might have uninstalled manually)

Installable through the app! or you can reboot to recovery and install from there.

Theme is Stock! It’s how things will go from now on, since updating it to Darky theme takes 5 minutes though the OTA app :)
extended power and a few other things normally present in the Base releases are also there.

The files! ”



JVS – JVT Incremental ZIP: HERE

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