[KERNEL] GALAXIAN [334MB][Voodoo Sound][OC/uV][EXT4][BLN][COLOR]


*Galaxian kernel was made to improve your I9000 usage experience.
Blazing fast, rock stable, with latest patches, here you’ll find all of these things. Enjoy!

OFFICIAL xda Thread : [KERNEL] GALAXIAN [334MB][Voodoo Sound][OC/uV][EXT4][BLN][COLOR]

Most recent update:

– Galaxian kernel is now fully using gamma table 22 instead of 19 which give us huge improvement in overall image quality. Transitions between colors (gradients) are now smooth, without any sharp edges. Colors are more natural. When low brightness is set, image is no longer yellow/red, only just darker.

PS. There will be also Voodoo Color version of most recent EE & GT available soon

Previous update:

– reverted AC charging current cap (because of constant complaints)
– SGS2 framebuffer ported to avoid thin green line which can be noticed in top-left corner of the screen
– stock voltages (previous uV was too low for some devices)
– adjusted mdnie levels for ui and video (cold and warm tone)
– ondemand governor minor adjust


GalaxianEE & GT (most recent version):

– adjusted CPU, RAM, OLED PANEL voltage table for energy saving purposes
– USB tethering problems (disconnections) no longer exists
– more RAM – 334MB instead of 331MB
– AC charging now capped to 700mA instead of 600mA for faster charging (if is still safe, stock Samsung charger is capable of 700mA – see label on it)


There are two versions of Galaxian kernel:

GalaxianGT – Gran Turismo

GalaxianEE – Energy Efficient

Main difference between those two versions is CPU frequency. In GT you will find by default 1200MHz as max, and in EE there will be 1000MHz as top level.

Main kernel features:

  • Based on latest source from Samsung Open Source Release Center
  • EXT4 and RFS support with autodetection
  • Fixed CWM
  • Modified gamma table to soften purple/blue tint when low brightness is set
  • Ondemand Governor with tweaked up/down scaling
  • Voodoo Sound v10
  • Voodoo Color settings (download Voodoo Control app from Market do adjust color settings) //not available since SP3
  • Improved touch sensitivity
  • Logging disabled by default
  • Few megabytes of RAM sacrificed for better smoothness
  • Front camera is working
  • Modules compiled with -O2 flags
  • LZMA kernel compression
  • New MDNIE module from most recent Galaxy TAB sources – no more grey “fog” like screen, colours are now more vivid and sharp, black IS now black
  • New jpeg compression mode from TAB
  • Read A Head parameter increased to 512KB
  • Bluetooth is now working in every combination, with or without WiFi and GPS
  • More brightness steps for better night usage
  • Fully ported (1:1) TL2796, amoled panel driver from Nexus S – just look how fluid brightness control can be //not available since SP3
  • BLN support
  • Optimized compile flags
  • 100/200/400/800/1000/1200MHZ CPU steps
  • CPU clock speed switch is now faster
  • Full support of bootanimation! just name yours as sanim.zip and place in /system/media/
  • Minor tweaks

How to apply? Simply, there are two ways:

– if your phone is already rooted, extract zImage from Galaxian….tar to the internal memory of your phone, install SGS kernel flasher from the Market place, choose zImage and flash

– use Odin and choose Galaxian….tar in PDA section (without pit file, repartition or bootloader update!)

Want to convert your system to EXT4?

– use Chainfire’s EXT4 tools

Thanks to:

Samsung ^^

Sources? (last update: 27.08.2011)


pass: galaxiankernel

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