~ Hana no Gakuen Android ,New Android Manga ! ~

The home of mangas , Japan , has created a new exciting story that, would feature some of the largest manufacturers of Android devices in the Asian market. The academy Android has arrived in a manga titled “Hana no Gakuen Android”, a work of mangaka Noriaki Kayama. The title of this manga should be translated into Italian “Bright Academy Android” and was published several times in magazines such as Weekly Weekly ASCII and ASCII Plus know better characters in this story.

The characters of Hana no Gakuen Android are the largest manufacturers of Android devices in the Asian market and worldwide. Their names are not original, but they are a kind of alter ego, easily recognizable. The characters also have a special feature that distinguishes them from others, and, as in every story, there is also the antagonist.

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Moto Lola: “Motorola”, easily recognizable thanks to the manufacturer’s logo “M” as a headband



H.T. She: “HTC”, she easily recognized style skirt Sense

    Eri Sony: “Sony Ericsson” is recognized by the logo of the manufacturer present in his eyes

Sharp: “Sharp”; difficult to recognize, however, the name refers to the sharp eyes of the character in some spots as the producer

Sam Sung: “Samsung” is easily recognized thanks to the uniform-style space that recalls the family Galaxy and the laser gun “Android Beam”


Elle G: “LG”, recognized by the Korean-style knotted tie


Tsuu Fuji (Tooru): “Fujitsu” is recognized by the arrow in his hand and the hairstyle that reminds the manufacturer’s logo


Enuko Casio “Casio”, identifiable by G-Shock wrist watch

Apple: “Apple”, wearing classic black T-shirt and has an apple in his hand, there are no  other explanations


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