Android 4.0 ! ! Now Open source

*Google has released the source code of Ice Cream Sandwich, the fourth version of Android via the Android Open Source Project. Android 4.0 is open source, unlike Honbeycomb, whose source code had not been released. Andy Rubin promised that the source code would be reunited once arrived in the Android version for smartphones and tablets. And the promise was kept.

Google said that Honeycomb had not been made ​​public to avoid the release chhee developers hack designed for the tablet to turn it into smartphones, and Ice Cream Sandwich is both tablet and for smartphones, and exceeds Honeycomb. Asus Prime Transformer will be among the first quad-core tablet (with Nvidia Tegra 3) and Android 4.0, Lenovo is also working on a quad-core tablet.

Android is the first operating system in the world with double the market share of Apple. Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) now must demonstrate that it can hold the scepter, a turning point of the smartphone market. Google has created a new typeface, which is optimized for high resolution screens. The font “Roboto” has a funny name but a streamlined look, easy to read and refreshes the Android platform. In Android physical buttons have been replaced by virtual ones in the System Bar as the platform Honeycomb. The onscreen buttons are for Back, Home and Recent Apps. IPhone OS Android has got to be the ability to create folders. Android users can create folders with drag and drop of apps, each other. This feature helps to group without delays. The most significant improvements are introduced to Ice Cream Sandwich at multitasking. The multitasking environment smartphones approaching desktop experience. Recent Apps button leads to a list of apps used, the form of a stamp, just a touch to be addressed directly to APP desired.




Google rilascia il codice sorgente di Ice Cream Sandwich, la quarta versione di Android. Ora Android per smartphone e tablet è open source

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